Current Vacancies


Community Elder Role

Main tasks:

Supporting volunteers within their community and acting as a bridge between doulas, clients and the leadership team

Hours: 4 hours per week


Support and Supervision:

Support from Community Elder Lead and administration team; supervision with chosen Consultant Elder



There is no requirement to provide support as an on-call doula volunteer but you will need to already be an experienced Doula for this role.


  • Set up a group for local community members on WhatsApp

  • Liaise with Referrals Coordinator on local referrals

  • Be active in referral groups as a supporter, monitor and ‘sign-poster’

  • Arrange monthly video or in-person meetings to stay in contact with local volunteers



  • Getting to know local doula community

  • Personal development

  • Contributing to the work of Doulas Without Borders without the commitment of on-call service

Contact for more information or to apply

Social Media Coordinator (SMC)

Main tasks:

Building community for volunteers within private groups; creating and sharing content across all public social media platforms and moderating activity within them

Hours: 2 - 4 hours per week

Support and Supervision:

Head of Communications and Administration Team will support and supervise


● Liaise with Volunteer admissions coordinator (VAC) Administration Team and other Committee members

● Promote the organisation across various social media platforms

● Create and schedule engaging content and regular updates

● Moderate accounts and user content


● Work within a great team

● Build and develop transferable skills

● Gain experience within the voluntary sector

● Learn or brush up social media management skills

Working Agreement (applicable for all roles)

● You must be able to commit to a minimum of six months of volunteering with Doulas Without Borders

● We ask that you remain in contact with us and keep us informed about any changes, problems or issues raised within your team

● We ask that if you think you might need to leave, you give us at least one month’s notice, in writing, to ​​ and please include any reasons if they might be helpful for our improvement

● We encourage you to consider spending your minimum one month’s notice considering with us anyone who might take your place, and should we find someone suitable together, that you work with us to hand over the role, your knowledge and experience

● We would love you to document anything useful that you learn during your experience in this role, to safekeep for the next person to step into your shoes!

Contact ​​ for any further questions.